Sunday, August 07, 2005

So many topics to blog about, so little time...

Well, here we go again: another week, another failure to update my blog. And it's not for lack of topics. Not only do I have two "draft" topics, from the 24th and 25th of July, that I still haven't gotten around to finishing, but I have about 12 pages worth of notes to myself listed in a huge "Task" document in Microsoft Outlook. It's just so much easier to jot down a quick blurb to myself, in a shorthand way that nobody other than myself could read, than it is to try to write a real, and readable, post.

Let's see, I've got posts planned on Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings Movies, the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie, Karl Rove, John Roberts, Inspector Morse, the new Rupert Everett Holmes, why Rick Santorum Hates America, the Phoenician Alphabet, various deities (Hermes/Mercury, Thoth, Odin, Lugh, Llew), Gossip, "the Cowpath theory", Ursula K. LeGuin and Gwydion son of Dôn, the incredibly irritating habit of giving every book a subtitle about how such-and-such or so-and-so "changed the world" (yes I know there was an article about it recently but I thought about it first), "moral muddles", the Whig Fallacy, "revealed" religion, religions of personal salvation, polytheism, the Simpsons and Wings vs. Seinfeld and Married with Children, Tree-hating, Mad Miss Manton, Lupe Velez, Cipro in Memphis Tennessee, a lot on Ethics and Corporate Culture and Party Politics, Homer & Hesiod & Nagy, post-modernism, Words I recently learned, the mis-use of words like Labyrinth and Republic, word-classes that interest me like Sorcerer vs. Wizard and King vs. Emperor, my NPR moment and what it has to do with both Star Wars and the Iliad, why I liked Oliver Stone's Alexander, Anarchism and Framing and the Culture Wars, whether Software is even Possible, and, well, even more ...

Of course, I've already blogged about this problem, and in particular about how silly it seems when I finally get around to writing about a topic that is no longer in the news. One of the two postings I mentioned above that are still in the draft state is about an article in the New York Times Magazine from two weeks ago about the Roberts nomination (on the one hand, maybe I shouldn't feel so guilty since the Magazine only just today started publishing letters in response to his article - on the other, the two of them basically said a big chunk of what I was going to say).

When I was in class for two weeks, of course, I was simply too exhausted to post by the time I got home and I was going to bed super-early so I could get myself to class by 9am either up in the distant burbs or down in deepest downtown. I've been spending the last week recovering, since although I held up in those classes much better than I had expected, I was left absolutely drained and sore. Yesterday in fact was one of my worst days in a while: I was so light-headed and "bone tired" and was hurting all over. I managed to clock about 12 hours in bed last night, though, which has helped a lot. I sure had planned on making a DENT in my blogging chores during the day today, but somehow the day came and went and here I am.

Oh, well. Hopefully I'll start doing better soon ...

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