Sunday, July 24, 2005

If only summer in Boston was *ALWAYS* like this ... says it's 79°F and Verizon Time and Temperature says it's 83°F but it really feels more like 75°F. Bright blue skies; no humidity (they say it's 29% or so); and a lovely breeze. Nice to be able to air the house out and give the host of window A/Cs a break. (Though I know the electric bill will probably be myocardial-infarction-level.) Just sitting out on the back porch with our laptops and the Sunday paper and the dogs.

My little family: Our little family on the back porch (DSCN1498)
The dogs and a whole lot o' dead grass:
The dogs on the back porch (DSCN1497)
Circe surveys her domain languidly from the back porch (DSCN1493)
And Prospero:Prospero lies in the dust (DSCN1494)

Lisa works on the Great American Novel and Circe Surveys Her DomainLisa and Circe on the back porch (DSCN1495)

*contented sigh*

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At Mon Jul 25, 08:01:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Margaret said...

What the hell is wrong with your grass, man?

At Mon Jul 25, 08:55:00 PM EDT, Blogger IVSTINIANVS said...

1. No sun. We have trees. We'd rather have the trees.

2. Several years of dog-pee. Especially female dog-pee. The topsoil probably needs to be carted off and replaced and a lot of lime probably needs to be mixed with it to counter the acidity of the pee.

At least, that's my guess. Until I get a landscaper to come look at it. We've seeded and re-seeded and plowed and poked holes and aerated and dug and seeded and reseeded again and we do get some grass, but never in the center where it's darkest and probably where the most pee has been put down.

At Mon Aug 22, 11:02:00 AM EDT, Blogger somervilledog said...

Just to clarify on the subject of female dog pee, lest readers misunderstand that female dog pee is chemically worse for the grass than the pee of males:

According to Dr. Steve Thompson, DVM, Director, Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Wellness Clinic, the reason that the urine of female dogs does more visible lawn damage is mechanical: "Once dogs begin urine marking, they often utilize many and numerous scent posts resulting in numerous, small volume urinations rather than large volume puddles. . . . Female dogs, being less likely to urine mark and more likely to squat, are the primary culprits of lawn damage since they will urinate anywhere on a lawn and usually all at once. This results in a single nitrogen dump confined to a small patch of grass" ("'DOG-ON-IT' Lawn Problems").

Of course, in your case, ivstinanvs, your grass is especially affected by female dog pee because your very special dogs are females!



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