Sunday, July 10, 2005

Too much to blog!!

So, I haven't quite got the hang of this whole blogging thing yet. Maybe partly it's because I never had a diary, even when I was young. Lord knows it's not because I have difficulties with being prolix. I am a prolifically un-self-edited writer from way back: everyone complains my emails are too long for one thing (not to mention that I am constantly chatting - or gossiping - with coworkers via instant messaging, about politics or what-not; so I can certainly write.

But I just don't have that instinct that bloggers seem to develop that leads them to post to their blog every time anything happens in their lives or there is something interesting to write about. (I say something interesting to write about, not necessarily something interesting to say about that interesting something: I certainly make no claims in that area...)

Plus, the longer I take to make a new posting, the harder it is to get going again. It's been two weeks since my last posting (why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a confessional?), and an awful lot has been happening (politically and otherwise) in the interim. I begin to feel like the character Rob Morrow played when he hosted Saturday Night Live (in -- good lord, was it really 1992?!?! it seems more recent to me somehow ... drifting off in an "where did my 30s and half my 40s go" reverie ... ok, I'm back) in a skit called "Awkward Conversation", the point of which was that Morrow's character would always respond with a witty contribution not to the current topic of conversation, but to the last topic, or even the topic before that. If I fail to comment on a current political event in a timely manner, or even if I fail to comment on some interesting experience of mine, book I've been reading, movie I just saw (hey, what about Boris Goudenow and the sublime week with the BEMF, which I still haven't written on!!), then it just kind of seems to fall flat.

The politics has certainly been rich these past two weeks:
  • O'Connor announces her retirement (amply covered on the blogosphere and frankly too depressing for me to want to say much about)
  • Rove is fingered as the traitor and perjurer who leaked Valerie Plame's name (I even heard this topic mentioned on NPR today, along with the supreme irony of Novak's avoiding all (and it is finally, today, showing signs of breaking into the MSM just a teensy bit)
  • and of course, London

And in the meantime, I've seen some really fascinating movies (Mystery Street, We Are Not Alone), and some not quite so fascinating but still fun (Mad Miss Manton, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton); bought a whole new rash of books at Porter Square Books (argh!); got disappointed by yet another thinly-written Lynley; had some interesting dog-related moments; finally started trying to get my computer backed up regularly after 3 years of living on borrowed time (and irretrievably losing some precious photos and my 2002 Turbotax files): all of which was worth blogging about. Now I can only blog about them "awkwardly".

This is why I need to get into the blogging habit.

Oh, well. My friend Koranteng comes to the rescue again:

Now 9 or more months from conception to birth is typical for me and for most mammals even if it is a long time in the technology world, and it leaves much opportunity for others to make much the same point and vividly so. Thus I can make no claims to originality or insight. I happen however to believe in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's maxim that

"Any idea that couldn't stand a few decades of neglect is not worth anything".

Well, my bloggery pokery may not be worth much even when I finally do get around to it, but it's certainly going to be full of neglected ideas.

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