Saturday, July 16, 2005

ArtBeat 2005!

This was one of those wonderful kinds of days that remind me why I love so much to be able to live in the area of Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts. (And why I am so lucky to have been able to buy a house in this area before it became absolutely insanely expensive - though it was only 1996 so it was already pretty durn expensive by my standards anyway.)

Every July, the Somerville Arts Council holds a wonderful arts and music festival right in the middle of Davis Square, with bands, booths, arts, crafts, and all sorts of people-watching (and dog-watching).

This year is the first time the new(ish) group SomDog participated in the parade that kicked off the festivities. Lisa and Prospero marched with them:

Lisa and Prospero in the ArtBeat 2005 Parade (DSCN1478) (You can see Lisa is using her parisol to shade Prospero from the sun.)
And here they are chilling out before the parade:
Lisa and Prospero at Seven Hills Park waiting to start marching with the ArtBeat 2005 Parade (DSCN1466)

There was a BoatCycle (the theme this year was "Mix and Mash", whatever that means, but I think this contributor had a pretty good idea):

More Boatcycle (DSCN1475)
And Dragons: ArtBeat 2005 Parade in Davis Square (DSCN1469)

ArtBeat 2005 Parade, Davis Square, Somerville (DSCN1472)
And Stilts: ArtBeat 2005 Parade, Davis Square (DSCN1476)

Overall, lots of fun. The festival had a really good feel to it this year. Lisa bought a couple of pairs of earrings; I got a couple of T-shirts (sadly, I missed out on getting a "Somerville 02144" T-Shirt - all they had were Mediums and I haven't been able to squeeze into a medium since the 70s); we entered a raffle at the Fi-Dough booth; and we thought about getting some pottery or glassware, but we didn't.

SomDog's posting on ArtBeat is here.

Actually, this wasn't Prospero's first parade: he marched in this year's Somerville Memorial Day Parade with SomDog. You can see Lisa and Prospero marching here. Poor Circe is a little too rambunctious for parades, sadly, and much too strong. (They're opposites: in the house, he's a putz and a nightmare and a brat, but she's an angel.) It was way too hot for Circe anyway: mid-July in Somerville is not Husky weather.

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