Friday, July 15, 2005

Somebody's going to jail and it's NOT going to be me!

What is the deal with all the carping on the right about them evil liberals being for Eminent Domain to take poor people's houses away and give them to Developers?

Since when did liberals like big Developers? Gee, every liberal I know thinks of urban and suburban sprawl and the destruction of green space and the Walmartification of small mom-and-pop stores and corners cut in construction and the like, when they think about Developers.

I have never known a liberal cry to let Developers have poor people's houses so they can be torn down and turned into office parks or shopping malls - or even mixed-income housing if it came to that. If that was part of the so-called "liberal agenda" then somehow I missed that memo.

Hey, guys and gals on the right: it's not often that we agree on something, but I think you'll find most rank-and-file liberals are in agreement with you about this. I think most people outside of city halls find the recent supreme court decision distasteful. So stop trying to whip this one up into another "here's why liberals are so evil!" story. We disagree on enough things (almost all things, these days) without picking fights on the things we don't.

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