Sunday, July 24, 2005

Some people actually seem to read me!

Well, I've reached something of a milestone today. According to Technorati, Koranteng is no longer the only person who links to me on the entire internet.

It's rather difficult to find where the Reporters (contributors? writers? they're funny, whatever they are) of Last Week's News are linking to me, but a "View Source" pointed me to the location: I'm the second "t" in the phrase "The Real Story" just after "the husband of Laura Bush herself. " and before "See, this is why James Bond never married. Well, except for Diana Rigg." Very odd; haven't quite figured out why anybody would link to me in that manner, but there ya go. And the owner of "Nightmare Hall" (does he really look like Emilio Lizardo?) actually has me hard-coded in his sidebar along with the other blogs he links to.

Somehow, I feel I've arrived.

Well, except that my "Technorati Rank" is only 426,903, which sounds pretty darned unimpressive.

Although, if we are to believe the New York Times research department, and they are right that there are really "more than 13 million blogs," that would mean that despite the 426,902 blogs with more inbound links than mine, I actually beat the pants off the other 12,573,097. (Oh - and, by the way, I now know way WAY WAY too much about Stephanie Klein's personal life. That girl has watched too much Sex in the City. Eewwww. And the Globe was getting all squeamish about poor Paul Feig? So he was a 24-year-old virgin: so what?! I bet you don't need to go wash out your mind's eye after reading his tell-all.)

UPDATE July 26 19:11pm EDT: looks like I have FOUR total subscribers on Bloglines. Not exactly a teaming multitude. Not even a crowd. Hardly a cohort. And *one* of those people is me! Koranteng is the only public one. I bet I can guess who the other two are ...
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At Sun Jul 24, 10:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger Wm Annis said...

Well, I don't link to blogs very often, but I'm certainly reading regularly. :)

At Mon Jul 25, 01:17:00 AM EDT, Anonymous mediamelt said...

Same here :)


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