Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Boring sidebar maintenance ...

I've added a number of great-looking political blogs to my Bloglines account in the past few days:

Some good stuff there. I found most of them via Technorati searches about Benedict Rove and the like (actually I already knew about alicublog but I had forgotten to put it into bloglines, and I was reminded of it by my Rove searches).

I've also split out a "Daily Must Read" section of Political blogs. It's just too hard to keep up with the *whole* pack every day.

But even better is the link I added to the "hard" links under "More Politics": Antipreneur. That really looks interesting! From their home page:

Can activists harness the entrepreneurial spirit? It's time we try.

While giant corporations run roughshod over our lives, we whine and complain, protest and boycott. In vain, we even ask our governments for help.

But the one thing we've never done is fight the corporations head on.

For too long we've ignored the market, written it off as enemy territory. Yet, what do mega-corps like Walmart and Coke fear most? Competition.

Let's start putting our creative juice and energy into building real alternatives. We're talking about a new breed of bottom up enterprise that does things differently: promotes ethics over profit, values over image, idealism over hype.

Visit their site for more. Some of the ideas are pretty hokey (no surprise there), but some of them are really good.

I'll have some more to say about Rove, even though it's been blogged to death. In fact, the liberal blogosphere has reached something of a fever pitch on the topic of late.

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