Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring, when a young man's thoughts turn to Blogging ...

It’s a few weeks late, and it was still pretty chilly (only mid-60s), but today we have the prooof that the season is here with a few firsts:

  • First day of me wearing shorts.  It’s one of those days where it’s a bit too chilly in the shade, especially when the wind kicked up, but it was way warm enough in the sun.  I refuse to post pictures;  still carrying my winter hibernation weight.
  • First day with the Tufts Athletic Fields being full of people playing: TuftsSpring in SomervilleSpring in Somerville (Lisa had to take the pix from my speeding car as I careened around Powderhouse Square)
  • First day of shirtless guys playing ball (in Dilboy Field;  softball), always a sure-fire sign that winter is over. Still thought it was a bit chilly for no shirt, but the guys in question had obviously spent all winter working out and were probably impatient to show it off, despite the pasty white sun-starved skin.

Amazing what a mood-enhancer spring is every year!

Of course, there’s already been proof for a while now.  The crocuses started poking out weeks ago.  But this feels more real.  It just still looks weird without any buds on the trees yet.

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