Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Method" Blogging

I haven’t had time yet to finish my last post on changing media and video sharing, which is going to be about “Open-Source filmmaking”, and amongst other things, Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries, and the new film by director David Mackenzie, Hallam Foe, which is currently shooting in Scotland, and which, as I mentioned in my update at the bottom of my first “changing media” post, has its own production-diary weblog, Get Your People (… to call my people).

All I have time for now is to draw attention to the first posting Hallam Foe’s star, Jamie Bell, has made on the blog: which is remarkable for being done entirely in character.

I already humiliated myself to whoever is administering that blog by posting a brain-damaged comment asking painfully idiotic questions like “gee, is he a method actor or something? is he in character all the time now?” It only occurred to me after writing that comment that it was probably simply a clever, fun, and original way for Bell to contribute to the blog — which heretofore has been providing thoroughly entertaining views into the mundane details of making films in a rainy, wet, and muddy Scotland. and it certainly puts you in the mood to want to see the film. And it makes you wonder: have they decided that he should do all his postings in character? Probably not, or that’d risk giving away the whole film; but maybe this will be the only posting he’ll make. And are the other players going to post? Not that I’m

I’m definitely looking forward to following this blog, especially since I missed out on following Peter Jackson’s Kong Production Diaries while they were being published online, as the film was being made. It’s already very amusing, though at times I worry I may be the only one thinking “Poor Roger…”

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