Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why Homer Simpson is My Hero, Reason #12

Homer about to clap

"Bring me beer and your deepest chamber-pot. Chop-chop!"

<claps twice>

Also deeply satisfying: the way Marge is slowly shaking her head. And the look of utter shock on Lenny’s face.

As for me, I love to say “chop chop” and clap when demanding something. But it usually gets me whacked. I wish I could order Lisa about that way without ending up rubbing a bruise afterwards … The same thing happens if I jiggle my glass so the ice clatters when I need a refill! I’m a battered man. Ah, for the days when you could sell your help to the silver mines when they got too uppity. *sigh*

Actually, this Simpsons episode (Sunday, March 26, 2006) was the first in a very long time that had laughs all the way through. The show’s been running on fumes for a few years now, sadly, but this one was pretty good.

They also used the wonderful live-action Simpsons intro that came out of the UK and has been on Youtube for a while, to replace their usual couch gag. Sadly, Fox has a tendency to run their first-run Simpsons episodes long, so if I don’t remember to adjust my TiVo, it cuts off the end. So I didn’t get to see the credits: I was curious how they were going to credit the makers of that short.

Ah, well. I guess I’m going to have to get my own glass refilled tonight.

(No, I don't have 11 other reasons; I don't even know how many there are. I was even tempted to make up a number in the hundreds, but 12 seems more realistic.)

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