Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iustinianus does Video! (with someone else's content)

My friend Margaret has alerted me in a comment here that has published her first video to Google Video (she went Google instead of Youtube).

Google Video kindly provides a useful little "Embed" button that generates the HTML code you need to stick the vide on your own webpage, so here we go. Without Margaret's permission, she is collaborating in the inauguration of Babel On, Babel Off's first embedded Video. This is now a Videoblog!

Update: And, it doesn't work! No surprise. The code google generated is clearly not right. For one thing, the embed "src" parameter is "http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?videoUrl=". They clearly left off the value to the right of "videoUrl", so it's no surprise it won't play. There's nothing to play. The thumbnail image url came out all wrong, too, which presumably is why the image is black. Tsk. I'll have to check Google Video's fora to see if people have complained about this, but at least for now, I can blame google for this failure.

Update again: Fixed. Don't know quite what happened. Went back again to Margaret's page and clicked the Embed button and this time there was a hell of a lot more code.

Update 3: ARGH! I'm beginning to think it's Blogger's fault! I paste the code in to the "Edit Html" page and when I switch back to "Compose" the code seems to get "simplified" into uselessness. I'm going to try publishing this posting without switching back to "Compose" and see if it works.

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