Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogmaintenance comma boring

I've added an " Wishlist Badge" to my sidebar. Nice. Provided by Xanadb. I'm going to have to tweak or replace it at some point, though, to add my associates referral id. These people will also turn your wishlist into an RSS feed for you, and a Google search will turn up many other examples of people doing something similar. I found Xanadb through a guy in Cincinatti who also appears to have lost about 50 pounds over the past year or two through some very sensible changes in lifestyle. Damn him! ;-)

I've also added a bunch of blogs to my bloglines-driven blogroll recently, including:
Update April 12: now the Wishlist Badge isn't showing up and I seem to be getting javascript errors ... *sigh* blogmaintenance is never done ...

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