Monday, April 10, 2006

More Videoblogging


will put a smile on your face if anything will. It’s from a new VideoBlog (and you know what those are now because I told you) called “All This and Brains Too” by a couple, unmarried, who appear to have some difficulty agreeing on spelling.

Stop reading, and click on the face. Don’t wait. You’ll enjoy it.

I have to say Lloyd is much nicer than I am. He didn’t even threaten NOT to edit out the “if I show too much” bits. Talk about missed opportunities for spousal (or friend) abuse.

I found this via this Gapingvoid posting, which you should visit if you want to see what Hugh McLeod looks like (and sounds like: God what happened to his Edinburgh accent? At least I have an excuse: I was forced to immigrate before I was even going to school!).

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At Tue Apr 11, 02:37:00 AM EDT, Blogger Lloyd said...

Glad you liked it Justin. Thanks for the link and for your kind words.

There'll be more gentle, eccentric fun soon on "All this..." when we do what we can to help the ducks of Hyde Park escape from bird 'flu. Stay tuned.


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