Sunday, April 09, 2006

Smashing Success Story, Canine Edition

Nunziato Park Grand Opening (DSCN1755)

Today was a banner day for dog-owners in Somerville with the opening of the first legal place in Somerville to run your dogs off-leash: the Nunziato Park off-leash recreation area (OLRA), which consists of a corner of the park itself, fenced off specially for dogs and their human companions. (See also the dog map here.)

This was achieved through immense hard work by the people at Somerville Dog (especially Michèle and Marshall), by Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone, Carlene Campbell, our great Aldermen, and all the people who helped raise the money through fundraisers, yard sales, donations, and the like.

Somerville Dog volunteers handed out treat packets, and there were tables with dog treats (including cake by Polka Dog Bakery), human treats, and a special table set up by the city for people to get their dog-licenses (required for entry to the park) in case they hadn’t already done so.

Our own dog-walker, Scott Parisi of Best in Show and a Somerville resident himself, was also there (hopefully he drummed up a little more business for himself).

Lisa, of course, was all a-fuss and a-worry, following Prospero and Circe around to make sure they didn’t do anything embarrassing (which, being dogs, they are always guaranteed to do), but she also was the only one smart enough to print out directions to Angell and the Woburn Veterinary Emergency Hospital just in case. Luckily they weren’t needed. Fun was had by all.

When we got back home, we took some pictures of the dogs in comatose, post-dog-park bliss:

The City’s Press Release: City Opens Off-Leash Dog Recreation Area at Nunziato Park.

Prospero after Nunziato (DSCN1767)Circe with a Rainbow on her face (DSCN1764)

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