Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kitten Killer Intones: "Time to Move on"

So the TiVo happened to pick up morning's Early Show, which I like to sometimes watch in order to get a sense of how little information the American Public is actually exposed to by the So-called Liberal Media (e.g. will the Iraq War be mentioned at all? Will the casualties be glossed over? How far down the line after Tom Cruise or Michael Jackson will it be?).

They had Kitten-Killer Frist and Hilary Clinton next to one another to promote a bipartisan health initiative, but this was the day after the Schiavo Autopsy results were released, and Renée took the (uncommon) opportunity to put Dr. Kitty-Vivisectionist on the spot regarding the release of the Schiavo autopsy.

Of course my ears perked up. Would the malpracticing diagnostician fess up that he had perhaps "misspoken" when he remotely diagnosed Terri Schiavo on the basis of a 3-minute video on the floor of the Senate?

Of course not. In an Orwellian wiping of his earlier self, now Frist is all professional and medical; now apparently he remembers his medical education and how to read a doctor's report, so this time he actually believes medical professionals who are there (when he isn't) when they say that Terri's brain has atrophied to the point that there's hardly any cortext left and she's blind and even agrees that no amount of therapy could have improved her condition.

But most importantly, now that he's done using the personal, private personal tragedy of the Schindler and Shiavo families for personal political advantage and gross mis-use of government power, he tells us that "this sad chapter is closed" and "it's time to move on".

How convenient. We're told to "move on" so we won't question his earlier behavior.

Turns out this interview wasn't even the worst. Apparently Frist even went so far as to deny his earlier senatorial malpractice even when his words have been recorded. Apparently there is no level of hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty too low for him to stoop to.

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