Sunday, June 12, 2005

More blog infrastructure maintenance ...

So, I added a "Bookmark" link at the bottom of every posting to allow people to automatically post it to I acquired the code from here via here which I got to ultimately from Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection, of course. But I'm particularly pleased with the cute little icon which I "acquired" on the web somewhere or other (*ahem*) and put next to it. Quite pretty.

I also renamed my screen name both here and on flickr from JJMG to IVSTINIANVS (i.e. Justinian), which goes with my icon, of course, which goes with my real name which is not particularly hard to discover via flickr. I was inspired to pick this name when I joined the TextKit Greek and Latin Forums (more on that later). Altogether, more satisfying than JJMG.

To make all this fit, I had to remove the "posted by" text in front of my name, and but to fit everything I still needed to reduce the size of the post footer text. Looks good, actually.

Am I still having too much fun with all these tweaks to spend much time getting around to actually making posts? Mm, you decide.

I still need to add my allconsuming book list, and more Classics and Linguistics sites to my links. (Although it's all getting so long that I think I need to figure out how to make my link categories expand/collapse — i.e. show/hide links.)

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