Sunday, May 07, 2006

Death by Pollen ...

I never used to have spring allergies. I've had fall allergies since I was a little'un growing up in Urbana, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri. (No allergies in Bladon, Oxfordshire, from what I am told.)

Since moving into the Willow Avenue house in 1997, however, I have slowly been acquiring spring allergies as well. And they seem to be getting worse every year. This year's a doozie so far.

My eyes have been itching so much I've wanted to just rip them out and rinse them off; I've rubbed them so hard that they're not only permanently pink and bloodshot and constantly watering now but the skin around my eyes is practically turning purple. I get scared looks from people: I probably look either like I've been crying non-stop for hours or I'm some sort of drug-addict.

My symptoms tend to oscillate between itchy eyes and fits of sneezing that leave me drenched in sweat. Needless to say I've had precious little energy for anything else the past couple of days: blogging included.

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