Monday, October 10, 2005

Wet Dogs, Roaring Streams

The dogs aren't minding the wet that much. Every morning and evening Lisa takes them to the lawn in back of the Office -- it's surrounded by some of the original granite stone walls from Mary Robert Rinehart's estate, and under normal conditions has a stunning view overlooking Frenchman's Bay -- and they love being off the leash and running and playing. Yesterday Prospero even got to play with a lab owned by another guest here, a woman who lives in Brookline, apparently.

The dogs are getting stir-crazy, though. Even when the weather is good, they usually have to spend a fair amount of time cooped up in the car while we drive around sightseeing and stuff, but they do get their rewards with visits to Little Long Pond (the one place on the island you can run your dog offleash legally -- the rangers are pretty strict in Acadia itself about leashes) and with long hikes up and down mountains. That just hasn't been happening this trip. Usually they also get to go to Wonderland, a completely flat area southwest of Southwest Harbor with a long walk to the ocean.

Yesterday they did get one reasonably good walk, though it was on-leash, back behind Jordan Pond house along the Jordan Stream trail.

We had never seen the Jordan Stream like this: even after rains it's usually still just a gentle stream, and the dogs can usually walk back and forth through it. But yesterday it was like mighty rapids. It was roaring loudly and rushing in great white billows: it was hard to believe it was real.

Jordan Pond itself had completely overflowed its banks and parts of the Carriage Paths were under water and impassable. The dogs were having a great time and didn't get to stay as long as they wanted. I took a fair amount of video but only three pix:

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