Monday, October 10, 2005

Laundromat Vacationing ...

So. It's been really hard to keep things dry. We've used the heater in the room to dry things out on an ad hoc basis: the dogs' leashes and collars, every night we've come back to the room, have been soaked through, and we've been doing things like hanging our jeans one by one over a chair over the heater -- same thing with our jackets (we had failed to bring anything waterproof, but we found a couple of cheap waterproof jackets yesterday in town), etc. They sort of come away from the heater a little stiff, and the room ends up stifling hot -- though it cools off reasonably fast when we open up the balcony door and the windows.

But some things have just been impossible to keep dry: the dog-towels are too big to really get dry with the tiny little room heater. And a couple of them have started to turn mildewy, including the dog-bed that covers the car's back seat. Our plan had been that I would do internet things in the office while Lisa popped over to the hotel laundry but since that's out of whack we had to go downtown. We had the little homemade lunch Lisa had packed in the room this morning in the laundromat, watching the tumbling clothes. Not my first choice for a way to spend the middle of the day, but if we do finally make it anywhere it's going to be impossible to dry those dogs off with these mildewy damp towels, and it would be nasty driving around with a mildewy dog-bed and wet dogs.

The rain is still very light and misty but visibility is still down to zero. Not much point in driving around much anyway.

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