Friday, March 10, 2006

Woooo, Baby! (New X3 Trailer...)

Nothing more manipulative than a good movie trailer. When the music kicks up as the Brotherhood is crossing the Golden Gate. Gets your heart Pumping! Love the way they make all the action from then on in the trailer synchronize with the beat. Yeah, yeah, it's been done, action movie trailers always do that nowadays, but it works, I'm hooked, I'm manipulated, but I loves me some good movie trailer manipulation. (Yeah, so the three Star Wars prequel trailers were better than the movies, and the Unwatchable Hulk trailer was the ONLY good thing about that movie, but I still love me a kick-ass trailer!) What a Rush!!

Stumbled on the trailer here. Old news to others I'm sure, but Filmrot (stands for Film ROTATION) is a new discovery to me, at least. Loads of fun! The site is run by a group of six guys, four in the US and two in the UK, all pretty young (when the hell did "Gazz" find time to have two careers, one of them failed, and to have started on a third, while having lived in Australia, London, and Newcastle, all by the time he was 24?!), but there are quite a few other members who add a lot of interesting comments and reviews of their own. A definite must for any film enthusiast and I'll definitely be adding it to my sidebar blogroll.

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