Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sunt Lacrimae Rerum ... Katrina

Words fail me.

The magnitude of it. One of the world's great cities, certainly one of the most world-class, distinctive, and unique cities in the United States, basically wiped out over night. Almost as if a nuclear bomb had hit it.

And not just the city, although this is a loss which is incalculable. But the people. The suffering. The lingering deaths, the needless deaths.

Elderly and disabled, people in wheelchairs, on ventilators, unable to move. People living from check to check, with literally no cash to get out of town. People forced to choose between taking life-saving medicine or their pet. People left to die like animals; animals abandoned and lost; one boy having his dog torn from his hands as he borded a refugee bus, begging for the dog back, vomiting from the shock of being forced to leave his dog behind; people dying after they had been "rescued" and then forgotten ...

Donate to the Red Cross. Donate to the ASPCA.

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